Par 4


Eight Heavily treed par 4 Hole #8 Par 4 298 Yards Stroke Index 9 Eight A challenging dogleg right par 4 heavily treed to the right off the tee and also close too the green. The ideal tee shot will … Read More


Six A testing par 4 Hole #6 Par 4 362 Yards Stroke Index 7 Six Tee shot placement is critical to success on this testing par 4. The optimum location will find you close to the 150yd marker for an … Read More


Four A 350yd par 4 with a generous fairway Hole #4 Par 4 337 Yards Stroke Index 3 Four A 350yd par 4 with not too demanding tee shot, “open up and let it go” to quite a generous fairway. … Read More


Two Demanding par 4 dogleg Hole #2 Par 4 380 Yards Stroke Index 5 Two Quite a demanding tee shot is needed on this sharp right to left dogleg par 4. Too short of the tee and your route to … Read More


One The challenging opening hole Hole #1 Par 4 282 Yards Stroke Index 11 Hole One A fun and challenging opening hole this par 4 demands an accurate tee shot which needs ideal positioning on the right half of the … Read More